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Argonauta Training

Drilling and Production are one of the cornerstones of the oil and gas sector. Over the past four decades, the industry has moved into greater and greater reliance on technology to keep our costs down and productivity high. With the advent of the Great Crew Change we are seeing many of our “Grey haired Experts” leaving the workplace, leaving a an organizational void where younger employees went for advice, mentoring and leadership. Argonauta are uniquely positioned to help overcome these competency and training gaps.

Argonauta have the seasoned professionals you need to mentor and advise your staff. We can work with your teams to provide the in-house expertise to assist your staff on a day to day basis. Our goal is to train your people to put us out of a job.

Argonauta are well versed in competency assessment . We can customize templates to fill your needs and help you determine the technical and operational competency of your technical staff. The natural outcome of this will be skill gap analysis showing both the overall ability of the organization and the individuals to meet your technical goal.

Argonauta can provide a training solution to fill your gaps and increase the competency of your workforce. We work with you to develop course material that is focused on the skill areas you need, not a broad brush one size fits all solution. Using a Hands on workshop format we ensure your staff has the core competency to grow and learn in the areas that benefit your organization the most. We will work with you to build the presentations exercises, software tools, homework, and exams that are tailored to your needs. Course material is customized for you exclusively and is maintained and refreshed by Argonauta so it always reflects technology, the needs of your staff as they mature and the changing focus of the company as the organization matures,. Our instructors will go to your training locations worldwide to teach the material saving you both time and money.

Argonauta can be the sounding board for your technical staff. We can work with your IT group to provide access to our network of seasoned professionals. This in house “blog”, allows the technical community to bounce “what if’, “What do you think” ideas off the expertise base of our organization.

Argonauta want to be a part of your technical service department. You define the training objective, and desired outcomes, and we provide the arms and legs to make it happen. Our goal is to interface our subject matter experts with your staff to facilitate a transfer of technology expertise and insights in a cost effective and efficient manner

Argonauta provides training material customized to meet specific training objective of our client base. To respond quickly and to keep development cost to a minimum, we have a library of over 4,000 slides spread over more than 40 subject areas related to drilling engineering and deepwater technology and operations. From this pool we have built several “generic” schools, that can be quickly customized to meet individual needs. In addition we have developed several specialized spreadsheets in Excel that are used as a basis for workshops in technical topics

Argonauta’s Course Objectives:

To provide knowledge, understanding, and awareness on the delivery of exploration, appraisal and development wells.

To be able to participate in the delivery of safe, efficient, effective, and environmentally compliant drilling operations.

To understand deepwater drilling problems and be able to ensure programs and offerings minimize risk in those areas.

Deepwater for Non Supervisors

Skill level:

  • Basic to Intermediate

Course length:

  • 5 days

Course Objectives:

  • To have a good understanding of the deepwater environment, drilling operations, techniques and technology needed for a field specialist.
  • To have the ability to engage in safe and environmentally compliant drilling operations.
  • To have the necessary skills needed to supervise all operations in the field for an efficient, accurate, and safe well.

Topics Include:

  • Rig selection
  • Topside rig equipment
  • Meteorological and Oceanographic Concepts
  • Anchoring
  • Remote operated vehicles
  • Geology and overburden
  • Pore pressures
  • Measuring pore and fracture strength
  • Casing design principles
  • Pressure testing
  • Leak-off testing
  • Shallow hazards and shallow water flow
  • Gas Hydrates
  • Cementing tools
  • Subsea wellheads
  • Riser systems
  • Deepwater well control
  • Deepwater drilling fluids
  • Drilling salt

Deepwater Concepts

Skill level:

  • Intermediate

Course length:

  • 5 days

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the service company role and it’s effective use in deepwater drilling.
  • To recognize all major components that are involved in a deepwater well and have a good understanding of how they work.
  • To have a good understanding of all actions involved in creating and maintaining an accurate, efficient, and safe deepwater well.


  • Casing Design Helper

Topics Include:

  • Historical and economic perspective of deepwater
  • Meteorological and oceanographic concepts
  • Shallow hazards
  • Rig selection considerations
  • Topside equipment
  • Station keeping and mooring
  • Emergency disconnect
  • Geology
  • Earth modeling
  • Pore and fracture pressures
  • Pore pressure prediction
  • Casing seat selection
  • Casing design concepts
  • Subsea wellheads
  • Well control equipment
  • Drilling risers
  • Subsea wellheads
  • Well control equipment
  • Drilling risers
  • Subsea trees
  • Pressure testing and barriers
  • Leak-off testing
  • Gas hydrates
  • Landing strings
  • Dual gradient drilling
  • Salt drilling
  • Spill control in deepwater

Preventive Well Control

Skill level:

  • Intermediate/Advanced

Course length:

  • 3 to 4-1/2 days

Course Objectives:

  • To give students a thorough understanding of well control principle, procedures, and equipment.
  • To be sure that students understand what is going on downhole
  • Approaches well control as a risk event that can be managed and minimized to ALARP levels

Topics Include:

  • Policies and Standards
  • U-Tube Concepts
  • Fluid Behavior and Gas Migration
  • Causes, Prevention, and Detection of Kicks
  • Choke and Kill Line Pressure
  • BOP Stack Flushing
  • Kick Tolerance, Leak-off Testing, and Pressure Limits
  • Well Control Toolbox